For the foolishness of God is wiser than human wisdom, and the weakness of God is stronger than human strength.  1 Corinthians 1:25


Sometimes we may appear to be foolish to those who don’t know God. In their eyes, we foolishly entrust everything we have to God—our families, our money, our future. In their eyes, we foolishly believe in a God we can’t see. In their eyes, we foolishly press forward in faith without the physical evidence before us. Yet, the foolishness of faith in the world’s view is precious in God’s view.

The foolishness of faith helps us look past our circumstances towards the possibilities. We see beyond the sickness towards healing. We see beyond our lost and addicted loved ones towards them being found and set free in Christ. Through the Holy Spirit, we can press beyond what seems terribly wrong with the world to see people coming to Christ and being made whole.

The longer we are connected to Christ, the more foolish we may appear to those who don’t believe. Our decisions made in faith have resulted in God’s incredible interventions. He removes our doubts and fears to replace them with courage and hope. The internal work He does in our hearts is revealed by the change of our outward behaviour and attitudes.

Our goal isn’t to appear smart, controlled, and careful in the world’s view of life. Our goal is to work in the ministry and calling of God on our lives while we have breath in our bodies. What may appear to be foolish is an incredible experience of God unlike anything else the world offers. Our faithfulness to the Lord may appear to be foolish to the spiritually blind—yet He will give eternal life and reward to those who put their trust in Him.