Is God’s Grace Relevant Today?

In these end times, some people may wonder if God’s grace is relevant to them specifically, or whether it’s simply a generalised concept. Relevance is defined as being pertinent, applicable, connected with the matter at hand, and appropriate to the time or circumstances. Grace is Jesus Christ, Himself, and when we look at what’s going on in the world today, we see that wherever Jesus has been banned or shut out, chaos and confusion are found. Considering relevancy in this light, we see that He holds everything together, and by Him all things exist.

When we encounter trouble, we must ask ourselves how significant we’ve made God in our lives. There will always be situations that rise up against us, but it’s our choice whether we believe the negative reports the world tells us, or the good news found in the gospel. The problem is that many of us have been taught to think that God is only relevant at the end of our lives, and His grace only applies when we’re faced with heaven or hell. God isn’t just found in the hereafter, but also in the now; He wants us to have life, and have it more abundantly.

Jesus made heaven accessible to us in the future, but there’s also much more that relates to the present. He made healing available when we’re sick, provision when we’re struggling financially, deliverance when we’re in trouble, and peace of mind when we’re in turmoil and distress. This just scratches the surface; when we study our Bible, we learn that there are many points where God connects with us to deliberately and radically to impact our lives.
Despite all the changes we see constantly taking place around us, God is the only one who doesn’t change. What used to seem relevant can suddenly become irrelevant. When we need relevance to bring order into our lives, God is always our very present saviour.