“I am . . . the bright Morning Star” – Revelation 22:16

Your stomach hurts. You’ve spent most of the night in the bathroom with very little sleep. You feel miserable all over. The night seems to stretch on forever. You just want the darkness to be over. You keep waiting for a new day, a better day to dawn.

If you live far from any city, you look for the rising of the Morning Star—the planet Venus. When Venus rises over the night horizon, hope grows in your heart because the new day is not far behind!

From heaven Jesus was watching his people struggle through a dark “night” of persecution and suffering during the late 90’s AD under the Roman Empire. Jesus promised to rescue them and bring them to heaven—a new and better day. He referred to himself as the bright Morning Star who brought them hope and light.

We understand what it feels like to long for a new day, right?

A family is broken apart because of their child’s addiction or other sinful behaviour. They long for a new day where things will be different.

A loved one dies. You keep thinking over and over “Why didn’t I check on them sooner?” “I didn’t get to say goodbye and I love you.” The “what ifs” keep running through your mind, giving you no rest.

Jesus is the Morning Star. He brings the bright hope of his love and forgiveness into your heart. Whatever harm you’ve caused to others or yourself, Jesus gave his life on the cross to earn forgiveness for you. He comforts you with his unconditional love and promises to care for you every day.

Jesus is the Morning Star. He brings the bright hope of a new day coming. Because he gave his life for us all. We are going to heaven by trusting in him as our Saviour. We are going to spend eternity in perfection, with no more sorrows or regrets, with no more “what ifs” or struggles. Jesus promises that we will live with God in joy that will never end.

So when struggling through a long night of illness, or a year filled with pain or guilt, we can look for the Morning Star. Jesus is with us to bring us a new day of his love and a new day of hope that you will live with him in heaven.